At A J Wells & Sons Ltd, sustainability is at the core of our Company values. We believe that consideration of our impact on the local and wider environment is essential. Our products are designed and manufactured to promote sustainability by offering superior longevity that reduces the need for frequent replacement.

We have invested heavily

• to improve the quality of our product
• to improve the well being of our employees
• to improve energy efficiency
• to reduce the use of raw materials
• to ensure safe disposal of waste

Throughout our supply chain, we actively seek to minimise the environmental impact on our processes.

• we work with local suppliers to minimise transport
• we try to work with suppliers who share our own environmental and sustainability policies
• within the factory, we recycle the heat from driers
• within the offices, we recycle paper and toners
• we separate & recycle cardboard, plastic and metal
• we use solar panels for heating
• we actively encourage employees to cycle to work
• we hold ISO14001:2004 environmental accreditation
• we continually look at our downstream supply chain and the way we package and transport goods as well as responsibilities for end of life electrical products

We are passionate about building a sustainable Company that offers quality products designed and built by a stable and secure workforce with the considerate and responsible usage of the Earth’s resources.