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Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean's vitreous enamel tryptic commission celebrates the work of famous seismologist John Milne who lived on the Isle of Wight and in Japan. Dean spent around 4 days creating the artwork at A.J Wells’ studios using a combination of hand application and silk screening.

The project was financed from Section 106 monies (money given to the community attached to a planning development) and chosen by public vote. The artwork is sited on the outer wall of Little London car park in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Speaking to IW Radio at the launch of the artwork in November 2012 Kevin explained that working with enamels took some getting used to: “They’re approximately six foot by four foot panels with applied enamel inks, which I’d not come across before. But it’s basically ground glass in a resin. To apply it was quite difficult, because I was automatically wanting to paint with paintbrushes. But using paintbrushes wasn’t that easy because you tended to get a lot of marks that you didn’t necessarily want. So it was suggested that I try using rollers and sponges and that helped the inks to sit on the surface much more comfortably than using paintbrushes.”