Ten by Two - People Will Always Need Plates

We have recently been working on a number of handcrafted vitreous enamel bowls for Hannah Dipper and Robin Farquhar, the designers behind People Will Always Need Plates.

Manufactured from spun steel the bowls were sprayed and finished by hand. The vibrant, graphic patterns (pictured above) were meticulously hand painted using the same enamel inks we use for our London Underground signage. Each bowl was fired 4-5 times at over 800 degrees.

The limited edition bowls will be launched on 11 September as part of The London Design Festival and Icon trail.

The exhibition runs from 11 September to 11 October 2014 at The Vessel Gallery, 114 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 2PW, with a preview at Midcentury at Loud & Western in Fulham on the 5-7 September.