Business is Great

Business is Great

As the economy starts to pick up, one of the most important things the Government can do is help businesses to succeed. When margins are tight, the right advice at the right time or the right training to master a new skill or technology can mean the difference between contracts won or lost, and jobs created or shed.

As a business based on the Isle of Wight we at A.J Wells & Sons know that businesses face many challenges, but we also know there are huge opportunities to grow and create employment and prosperity in our community. With the right support and environment small firms can lead the drive for growth and jobs that everyone wants to see.

So we’re delighted to be among a select group of businesses chosen to be part of a new national campaign that launches this week. The aim is to inspire other businesses, help them learn from the challenges we’ve overcome and the successes we’ve achieved, and point them to the support that is available to help them succeed too.

We hope that other entrepreneurs and small businesses will be able to take something from our story, which will feature in adverts and billboards across the country.

Over the years we have received excellent support and advice from MAS (Manufacturing Advice Service) which helped us streamline our production and implement lean manufacturing within our Newport factory. UKTI and BIS also helped us in breaking into export markets with funding and valuable advice.

The new campaign brings together all the support that is available for businesses in the UK at, making it easy to access all the key government services and products that will help grow a business.

So keep an eye out for the pictured campaign over the coming weeks and months. “It’s not just British toes we’re keeping warm”