bombay sapphire

Bombay Sapphire

A.J Wells fabricated and enamelled a bespoke vitreous enamelled bar top for Bombay Sapphire’s new distillation plant situated in the Hampshire village of Laverstoke on the river Test.

Originally a paper mill producing bank notes the British Empire the Victorian site was transformed by Thomas Heatherwick into a distillery that operates as both a factory and visitor attraction.

Two large striking glass houses warm samples of the exotic plants that flavour the gin while housed within one of the Victorian red brick out buildings sits the Mill Bar where visitors can sample the gin. The bar top comprises of 17 unique formed sections with 8 removable inserts to allow for up to 4 cocktail stations to be used at any one time. Artist Michael Forrest was commissioned to apply the unique finish that was to represent the ‘essence’ of Bombay Sapphire. Using a variety of glass inks the technique involved building up numerous layers of enamel to create contrasting depths of colour. The finish had to flow seamlessly across all of the sections of the bar top with vitreous enamel being specified for both its durability and the ability to create a completely unique surface finish.The fabrication and manufacturing process of the bar top was filmed as part of a documentary for The National Geographic Channel.