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1. What is vitreous enamel?

Vitreous Enamel (VE) is glass fused with steel at very high temperature to create a uniquely durable surface which is glossy and scratch proof like glass but tough and workable like steel.

2. Why should I use VE?

VE provides many unique properties- Colours will not fade; It is robust and long lasting (lasts up to 4 times longer than powder coating); It is resistant to corrosion and abrasion; Graffiti can easily be removed using solvents without affecting the graphics and enamel; It contains very little polluting substances and is fully recyclable

3. What colours can you achieve?

We can achieve a vast amount of colours using different methods of colour application and print. For a run down on a selection of the colours we can achieve please visit our stock colours page by clicking here.

4. What about text & graphics?

We can apply block graphics and text and photographic images to enamel. For all the information you require regarding your artwork submission please click here.

5. How long does VE last?

We installed cladding panels at Victoria Coach Station twenty years ago and they look almost as good today as when they were installed.

6. Do AJ Wells only make VE?

We specialise in high quality, long-lasting vitreous enamel signage and cladding, but also manufacture aluminium and vinyl temporary signage. We are also experts in electrical and illuminated signage.

7. Do you make your own signs?

We make all our own signs in-house in our factory on the Isle of Wight.

8. You’re on the Isle of Wight – isn’t that a long way away?

You’d be surprised how close we are – just over two hours from London.

9. What about delivery?

We can arrange delivery – and its usually included in our quoted prices.